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MRS Virginia Valentine Award for Cultural Insights

2013 Finalist Rooms for Improvement (IHG)

Prompting a paradigm-shift in the design of hotel rooms, based on a comprehensive analysis of the hotel ecosystem, achieved in close collaboration with innovation partners

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2012 Winner Designing Happiness into Dementia Care (Red and Yellow Care)

Unpacking the language and meaning of a complex, unusual culture to challenge received wisdom and unlock clear new opportunities

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2011 Winner The Needs of New Chinese Migrants (Chinese in Britain Forum)

Overcoming profound linguistic and cultural barriers through innovative research methods, and thereby creating a new ‘official’ understanding of the Chinese community

MRS Public Policy/Social Research Award

2013 Winner Strength in Numbers (Southwark Council)

Using innovative mixed-method and multilingual techniques to generate uniquely robust and impactful insights into the size and needs of new communities and populations

2012 Finalist Tackling Violence and Aggression in A&E (Design Council)

Collecting powerful data in a challenging environment – and presenting it in an inventive, inspiring way, triggering a major shift in perception of a serious issue

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2011 Winner No Ordinary Criminals (Lewisham Council)

Use of imaginative research techniques to study an elusive target group, delivering local and national impact that addressed a heated, high-profile policy challenge

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2010 Winner Just Coping (Kent County Council)

Creating a game-changing framework for understanding ‘at-risk’ families through a sensitive and sophisticated ethnographic methodology

MRS International Research Award

2013 Finalist Rooms for Improvement (IHG)

AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Award for Qualitative Effectiveness

2012 Winner Tackling Violence and Aggression in A&E (Design Council)
2011 Special
No Ordinary Criminals (Lewisham Council)

MRS Healthcare Research Award

2012 Winner Tackling Violence and Aggression in A&E (Design Council)

MRS Conference: Best Presenter Award

2013 Winner Robin Pharoah (ESRO), Gemma Jones (Space Doctors) and Tim Jones

Lucidly and memorably recounting the creative methodology, partnership working and innovative outcomes of our collaboration with Space Doctors and InterContinental Hotels Group

Laria Best Community Consultation/Engagement Award

2013 Winner The Co-operative Council (Lambeth Council)

Building new networks and driving evidence-based engagement strategies across five separate local communities – all achieved while transferring research skills to council officers Laria New Researcher of the Year Award

Laria New Researcher of the Year Award

2013 Winner Oliver Hopwood

Outstanding achievements during his first two years at ESRO, playing a key role in multilingual and local authority projects, and delivering headline-grabbing insight