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We’re delighted to report that last night ESRO and the Financial Conduct Authority received the 2014 MRS Financial Services Research Award. It’s ESRO’s first foray into this particular category, and serves as a fitting culmination to a year in which we’ve conducted a series of ground-breaking personal finance studies for the FCA and others.

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Inside Out London: Reflections on dementia

Last night on BBC One (London), an Inside Out special explored several key issues regarding dementia - including challenges around diagnosis, the adequacy of existing care provision, and the possibility of living a good life with dementia.

Further to our wide-ranging resarch on the subject, and in particular the report we wrote earlier this year, Becky was delighted to be invited to appear on the programme

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That time of year again...

Good news for a Friday afternoon: ESRO and the Financial Conduct Authority have been shortlisted for the 2014 MRS Financial Services Research Award, in relation to our recent consumer study of high-cost credit products.

The project, which began just under a year ago, was commissioned in advance of the FCA assuming responsibility for consumer credit regulation in April. The report is downloadable by clicking here.

We’re really proud of our track-record at the MRS Awards, and are looking forward to the ceremony on 8th December. Full details of this year’s nominees can be viewed at the MRS website.


Farewell Robin

This has been an emotional week at ESRO. Ten years after founding ESRO, my friend and fellow director Robin has departed us for new experiences and new challenges.

It’s hard to overstate what Robin has achieved in his time at ESRO – tirelessly building the agency up from scratch, and blazing a trail in the use of ethnography and ethnographic principles to help solve some of the most pressing challenges in the public and private sectors. Along the way, he’s conducted a huge number of ground-breaking projects with an amazing range of people – making a real difference to their lives by helping our clients to understand life as it’s really lived.

As we look towards an exciting future, we’re going to miss Robin immensely.

But just as he won’t be a stranger in real life, so his influence and vision will remain integral parts of ESRO’s DNA in the months and years to come. 

Lots of love from Becky and the rest of the ESRO team


Why I’m wary of wearable tech

I’ve learned a lot since joining ESRO. In some ways, of course, that’s hardly a surprise; learning things is essentially my job description. But what I didn’t anticipate was that I’d learn so much about wearable technology and how it can be used to learn about people.

On my very first project I became both guinea pig and experimenter, strapping various cameras first to myself and then to our amenable respondents to create timelapse videos of their lives.

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