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Why I’m wary of wearable tech

I’ve learned a lot since joining ESRO. In some ways, of course, that’s hardly a surprise; learning things is essentially my job description. But what I didn’t anticipate was that I’d learn so much about wearable technology and how it can be used to learn about people.

On my very first project I became both guinea pig and experimenter, strapping various cameras first to myself and then to our amenable respondents to create timelapse videos of their lives.

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Design Council webinar

The Design Council has recently collected together some of the outputs from our award-winning work investigating the phenomenon of violence and aggression towards staff in A&E departments.

Our initial ethnographic research was followed by the implementation of a suite of evidence-based design solutions, which we then evaluated in partnership with Frontier Economics.

You can view the full set of resources here - or alternatively click below to watch a webinar which I delivered last year.

ESRO | A&E Design Challenge impact evaluation from Design Council on Vimeo.



Out and about

One of the distinctive things about how we do our research at ESRO is the geographical breadth involved - not internationally (though we do plenty of that too), but within the UK itself. We travel to all four corners of the country to meet our respondents and better understand their lives, and no two weeks are alike in terms of where our researchers may end up.

To reflect this, we thought it would be fun to drop some pins in a map to reflect where we’ve been over the past few months. It’s not a completely comprehensive collection, but it provides some idea of the ongoing tour of Britain on which our researchers are embarked.

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Making sense of the Census

We were interested to read the recent news – reported here – that the National Statistician has recommended that the 2021 Census adopt a predominantly online methodology.

ESRO has done a lot of Census-related work in recent years, assisting local authorities – and, through them, the Office for National Statistics – in finding ways to address the challenge of counting ‘hidden’ populations who are hard to enumerate through conventional routes. We’ve also been part of the consultation that has led to the current recommendation.

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A Good Life with Dementia - new report

We’re both proud and excited to announce the publication of A Good Life with Dementia – a new report, written by Becky Rowe, Tom Brown and Jenny Holland at ESRO.

Funded by Red & Yellow Care in association with Alzheimer’s Society, the report was launched yesterday at an event in the House of Lords, kindly hosted by Baroness Greengross, and attended by an assortment of dementia experts, as well as several of the people with dementia (and their carers) who contributed to the report.

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