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Jenny Holland

Jenny Holland

Associate Director

  • Background in Human Geography and Criminology
  • Highly experienced qualitative researcher and ethnographer
  • Wide-ranging subject expertise (e.g. criminal justice, digital media habits, financial behaviours, dementia, consumer psychology)
  • Skilled communicator and innovator in project delivery 
  • Passionate about research that drives impact

Jenny is one of Revealing Reality’s most experienced, skilled and valued qualitative researchers. In the course of over five years at the company, she has worked with a huge variety of clients, designing, managing and delivering numerous projects that have brought rich and robust primary insight to the centre of decision-making.

Jenny is particularly passionate about using innovative communications tools and stategies to bring to life the ‘real world’ perspective of our participants - ensuring our insight continues to be of use well beyond the life-span of any given study. In so doing, she has built enduring relationships with clients across all sectors, and further developed the scope and skills of our enterprising team of in-house designers and film-makers.