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A&E: Studying parental decision-making around non-urgent attendance among under 5s

Date: August 2015

Client: Department of Health

Description: A qualitative research report, prepared for the DH’s Behavioural Insights Team, examining the triggers to non-urgent A&E attendance among parents of young children, and identifying ‘opportunity areas’ in which behavioural sciences approaches could be used to decrease such attendance in future.


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Understanding consumer expectations of the mortgage sales process

Date: February 2015

Client: FCA

Description: Commissioned by the FCA to help inform its thematic review of the quality of mortgage advice since the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR). This report explores the expectations and experiences of customers applying for a mortgage since the introduction of MMR in April 2014.


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Vulnerability exposed

Date: February 2015

Client: FCA

Description: Commissioned by the FCA to inform its Occasional Paper on the subject, this thematic report explores the issues faced by consumers in a range of ‘vulnerable’ circumstances when dealing with financial services firms.


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Early Years Ethnographies

Date: July 2014

Client: Essex County Council / ThePublicOffice

Description: An ethnographic research report highlighting patterns in the ‘early years’ service use of a range of young families in Essex – triangulating needs, experiences and aspirations, and identifying opportunities for cost-effective innovation.


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A good life with dementia

Date: March 2014

Client: Red & Yellow Care (in association with Alzheimer’s Society)

Description: A thematic report – inspired by our previous, award-winning research for Red & Yellow Care – outlining a six-part framework for a good life with dementia that is rooted in universal notions of identity, happiness and fulfilment.


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Are we ready?

Date: July 2013

Client: Ready Unlimited

Description: Case studies and reflections from ESRO’s research with young people in Yorkshire who have engaged with Ready Unlimited’s enterprise education tools and local resources.


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Families on the frontline?

Date: October 2012

Client: Family & Parenting Institute

Description: A research report, delivered as part of the FPI’s Families in the Age of Austerity programme, exploring the nature and impact of recent changes to local authority funding of families and children’s services. 


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Reducing violence and aggression in A&E

Date: November 2011

Client: Design Council

Description: A comprehensive overview of the Design Council’s recent high-profile design challenge, including a full breakdown of ESRO’s award-winning ‘300 Hours in A&E’ ethnographic research project.


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Why Westminster will prove to be ‘hard-to-count’ in the 2011 Census

Date: April 2010

Client: Westminster City Council

Description: Report presenting the findings of research that sought to understand how Census enumeration in 2011 might work at a local level in Westminster.


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Maximising the appeal of weight management services

Date: March 2010

Client: Department of Health

Description: Research report exploring attitudes to weight loss among obese and overweight people - in particular, the barriers to engagement with existing weight management services, and the opportunities to increase such engagement in future.


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Migration, integration, cohesion: New Chinese migrants to London

Date: December 2009

Client: Chinese in Britain Forum

Description: Research report documenting the findings of our award-winning study of the lifestyles, aspirations and needs of new Chinese migrants in London.


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Just coping

Date: October 2008

Client: Kent County Council / Social Innovation Lab for Kent (SILK)

Description: A ground-breaking report based on award-winning ethnographic research, exploring the social, cultural and environmental challenges faced by low-income families in Kent. 


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Behind the Numbers: Migrant Living Patterns in Westminster

Date: August 2007

Client: Westminster City Council

Description: Research report documenting findings from an ambitious ethnographic study into the aspirations, movements and behaviours of recent migrant communities in Westminster from four separate origin countries.


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